”We believe film is the most powerful media today no matter what window it is screened in. Very soon, there will be no division between commercial and non commercial productions.”

Valdes/Eriksdotter is a creative and strategic partner with focus on the visual context. We work with commercial films as well as fiction and lab – meaning we challenge both creativity and technique to evolve. Founded in 2014 by quick-witted film professionals Martina Eriksdotter and Joan Valdes. Brought together by an ambition to create an environment without limits for creativity while being extremely business oriented. Having long experience working with international film productions by major European studios Martina Eriksdotter is a confident entrepreneur with a strategic marketing eye. Joan Valdes started out as an artist and Visual Effects Supervisor. As a director Joan have a clear eye for the visual imagery. He have talent and extensive technical knowledge to use every cinematic technique available to bring his vision to life.